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These forms are offered to be used by properties that would like a custom look to their forms. There is no guarantee that these forms will comply with Federal, State or Local laws and regulations regarding HR matters. It is each property's responsiblity to ensure that there record keeping and HR practices are in line with any and all governing authorities having jurisdiction over such matters. 


Properties are encouraged to add to our forms!

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AI-HR-FORM-001 - Employment Application


AI-HR-FORM-002 - Employee Background Verification


AI-HR-FORM-003 - Availability Schedule


AI-HR-FORM-004 - Request for References


AI-HR-FORM-005 - Employee File


AI-HR-FORM-006 - New Personnel Checklist


AI-HR-FORM-007 - Emergency Contact Form


AI-HR-FORM-008 - Employee Uniform Requisition


AI-HR-FORM-009 - Termination Checklist


AI-HR-FORM-010 - Accident Report


AI-HR-FORM-011 - Policy Violation Action Form


AI-HR-FORM-012 - Time Card Discrepancy


AI-HR-FORM-013 - Ability to Perform


AI-HR-FORM-014 - Shift Change Request


AI-HR-FORM-015 - Request for Time Off


AI-HR-FORM-016 - Cash Advance Request


AI-HR-FORM-017 - Cash Advance Agreement


AI-HR-FORM-018 - Performance Review Forms


AI-HR-FORM-019 - Employee Self-Evaluation


AI-HR-FORM-020 - Coaching Form


AI-HR-FORM-021 - Employee Performance Checklist




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